Speedking is a company of skilled, educated,hardworking and positive people who are enthusiastic about bringing development through the blockchain.

Speedkingtoken will
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Speedking/Speedkingtoken started in 2019 and have achieved sucess through the years of hardwork and dedication and wish to serve you more better everyday our Motto: is to redefine the world .

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Whitepaper Speedkingtoken Gold

Whitepaper Speedkingtoken
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Speedking team is a group of young people dedicated to bringing developments through the blockchain. They're religious,moral, educated, and cultured people


Products of the Speedkingtoken Company

Speedkingtoken Gold

SPEEDKING TOKEN GOLD(SKTG) is a token created on ethereum network for secure,fast and safer transactions and yield farming.


The algorithm used in this token is called Proof Of Decentralized Automatic Bank (POFAB) , this algorithm can be further explained in the “crypto decentralized banking sector” as an automatic smart contract , this means that any user that invest and save with us get auto rewarded from those who sell our tokens and little tax for those who buys..


King ex is an educational ,social and creative platform where users are exposed to educative, entertaining and quality contents round the world.

Kingex Media

This is the social media platform of Kingex it is free to use and register

Kingex exchange

A uniswap fork that is 20x faster than the regular uniswap , you can test it out .

Free Consultancy

Free consulatation and advice is free and also to speak with the CEO or any representative of the team

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For email information contact admin@kingex.xyz(recommended) info@Speedkingtoken.icu Or message me in Kingex : Speedkingtoken